My problem with e-bookshelves

Having finally beaten my unread bookshelf last year and read the assorted tomes that had been gathering dust for many a year, I’ve now taken to my Kindle with a gusto.

The problem is my roving eye finds it far too easy to browse e-books, and my thumbs find it far too easy to do a 1-click purchase, leaving my unread e-bookshelf twice as full as my unread bookshelf ever was.

Is this perhaps the achilles heel of e-books? It’s far too easy to buy them, while finding the time to read them is as hard as it ever was with paper books, and harder if–like me–you have a penchant for reading in the bath.

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Author: Mark J Easton

Writer and technologist from England, with tastes for the eclectic and for the esoteric.

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