Why are the most popular books of all time religious fiction?

It’s official, or at least it’s official enough to be prettily trussed up and bedecked in pixels in one of the Daily Infographic’s pictures, but the two most popular books of all time are both classical masterpieces of religious fiction, followed in third place by the ministrations of Mao Zedong’s Little Red Book.

Perhaps it’s to do with people’s intrinsic need to get away from the drollness of life, a chance to lose themselves in a spiritual realm and transcend from the humdrum banalities of existence, a chance to be part of something beyond human experience, but when it comes to popular reading, then religious fiction is way ahead of the field and is, without doubt, absolutely where it’s at.


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Author: Mark J Easton

Writer and technologist from England, with tastes for the eclectic and for the esoteric.

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