Is Medium the best medium for blogging?

Over the years I’ve had my doubts about blogging, sometimes worrying that it’s gratuitous, egotistical, and perhaps even downright unseemly. However, given I love writing, my doubts are always eventually allayed by the belief that blogging is the perfect tool for fighting that fear of publication.

While professional publishing involves a complex workflow of editing, reviewing, re-editing, and sometimes binning complete pieces, it turns out blogs are the perfect vehicle to share writing in an unadulterated form, showing the good as much as the bad, and giving writers the chance for eternal damnation at the push of a button.

So, after something of a hiatus, I recently decided to dust off my blogging skills, tweak Verso-recto’s wordpress theme, and then crank the handle on the good ‘ole content generation machine. But while I get some deep-rooted masochistic pleasure from hosting my own blog, I can’t help but look enviously at the current bad boy of the blogging world, Medium, which offers such a simple platform it’s difficult not to give WordPress a figurative two fingers and then jump straight into Medium’s welcoming arms.

Although I’ll likely be in a dilemma about blogging platforms for a short millennia, in the meantime I’m going to share the love and try posting at both  Medium and  Verso-recto. Perhaps over time I’ll settle on a strategy and post different types of content at each, or maybe Medium will go the way of Blogger before I make up my mind.  But however things work out, I can’t help but say a hearty amen to modern technology for offering yet another way to be gratuitous, egotistical, and downright unseemly all at once.

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Author: Mark J Easton

Writer and technologist from England, with tastes for the eclectic and for the esoteric.

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