Mark J. Easton in the moonlightMark J. Easton is a writer and technologist with a taste for the esoteric and the speculative.

He lives in a small, riverside town in England, with his wife, his three sons, and a crazy poodle. He’s been fascinated with books since he was a young boy, and wanted to write from the day he found someone who could read his handwriting. When he’s not writing, he can often be found canoeing, swimming in the river, or tinkering with something or other.

Verso-Recto is his online celebration of the written word, and its core theme—its thematic heartbeat, if you like—is investigating and embracing “the role of literature to the contemporary reader.”

If literature isn’t your thing, or perhaps if Verso-Recto isn’t to your liking, then now’s as good a time as any to go somewhere else. If literature is your thing, you think it might me your thing, or you’re just up for a bit of a diversion, then why not get reading.

Comments are almost always very welcome–with the exception of adverts with little intrinsic merit–even if they’re brimming with vitriol and spitting invectives, so please comment away as the mood takes you.

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