Mark J. Easton in the moonlightRecto-verso refers to the sides of a manuscript’s printed pages, recto being the front side, or a right hand page, and verso being the back side, or a left hand page. A dyad of printed words, or sometimes pictures, or perhaps even both, neither quite mirrors the other, their fusion working symbiotically to deliver stories, essays, or the endless litany of the printed word .

But online there are no printed pages. Virtual words are inkless, they need no front or back, and they never result in the resonating scratch of a turning page.

Verso-recto is a small online celebration of the written word, and its core theme—its thematic heartbeat, if you like—is embracing “the role of writing to the contemporary reader.” From musings on classical literature, through to reviews of short stories, thoughts on technology, religion, and the miscellanea of modern life, nothing is sacrosanct enough to avoid being waylaid with a smattering of words.

The site’s content is maintained by Mark J. Easton, a writer and technologist with a taste for the esoteric and the speculative, who lives in a small town in England, with his wife, his three sons, and a crazy poodle.