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Cities Built On Books

Cities Built On Books

As part of UNESCO’s remit of shining a torch on the world’s cultural diversity, the Creative Cities Network programme is a regime of  collaboration between cities across the globe to communicate and promote their local and shared cultural experiences.

Although the programme caters for a variety of cultural categories, one of the most august categories is that for Cities of Literature, which is open to any city that ably demonstrates a commitment to literature through various facets, including: diverse publishing organisations and enterprises within the city; a focused educational programme on literature across all levels of education; hosting literary, drama and poetry events; and significant involvement in the publishing sector.

Currently 3 cities have been awarded the status of City of Literature, each for their broad but unique contributions to literature:

While not physically as sturdy as bricks, books undoubtedly make for deep intellectual foundations as evidenced by the great libraries of the ancient world, which begs the question whether UNESCO’s Cities of Literature will stand the test of time, or shortly fall to the barbaric onslaught of the digital horde?